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About Doylestown Thrive

Doylestown Thrive, or Doylestown Area Growth Initiative (DAGI), is a 501(c)(3) and non-profit organization in Doylestown, Ohio. Our mission is to beautify, revitalize, and bring economic stability to our downtown. 

Thrive was born in 2017 when the Doylestown Business Development Association merged with the Doylestown Area Development Association. Thrive is compromised of representatives from the Chippewa School District, Village of Doylestown, Chippewa Township, and many major civic organizations in town. 

The Doylestown Thrive vision is to revitalize downtown Doylestown to preserve the history surroundings and awaken economic possibilities within the village.

Thrive Projects

WinterFest - Completed!

SpringFest - Completed!

Christmas Decorations - Completed!

Establish an Events Coordinator

Decorating Contests - Completed!

Promote and Utilize Doylestown Library

Light Up the Hollow

Chili Cook Off

Movies at the Bandstand

Community Signage Improvements

Social Media Presence and Website

Promote Local Business

Coordinate Events and Share Ideas with Local Community Groups

And more!

Thrive Board Members

Get to Know Us

Harold Rozak


Chris McAnallen

Village of Doylestown

Eric Pandrea

Chippewa Rogues Hollow Nature Preserve and Museum

MaryLou Ledde

Garden Club

Beth Ogg

Chippewa Local Schools

Open Position!

American Legion

Open Position!

Lion's Club

Open Position!

Chippewa Township

Volunteer Staff

Katy Muller, Amy Galehouse, Erin Porter, Dave White, Christina White, Michelle Fike

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